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New Mexico based and Homegrown Albuquerque Solar Company

NM Solar Group is a homegrown New Mexico solar company. Servicing all of New Mexico and currently based out of Albuquerque and Alamogordo. We are the largest local residential installer in New Mexico.

About NM Solar Group

NM Solar Group Company Alamogordo NM is not a general contractor. We do have an EE98 contractor license which allows us to install the electrical portion of the solar panels by interlinking all the panels as well as tying in to your power box. By choosing NM solar group of Alamogordo instead of another solar companies in Alamogordo NM you are in great hands. We take the job from start to finish. We get all of your licenses, and make sure that everyone knows what is going on throughout the entire process. You will be very glad that you chose us and when you go out and you see your electrical meter spinning backwards, knowing that you are saving money and also saving the planet by using solar power and green energy, it is really a great feeling. NM Solar Group has a EE98 license so we can complete the project from start to finish, click here to learn more.

NM Solar Group Services

We are a company that has one mission. Do as much solar the right way in New Mexico. We will go anywhere in the state to do this. We can install on pitched roofs, flat roofs, shingle, metal, tile, and even do solar on the ground. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service available.

The high quality products that NM Solar Group provides come with a 25-Year Guarantee!

We’re working day and night to provide New Mexico with reliable, cost-efficient solar energy panels and systems!


Going solar is the best investment available whether you are 20 years old or 90. Solar is a guaranteed 10% and up investment from day one. This return is guaranteed as well. There isn’t the risk of market fluctuation or trends. In fact, if the economy does poorly, solar will be even more desirable because it only adds money to your pocket. Federal and state incentives are available in New Mexico for switching to solar. All utility companies need to meet a Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.