How to Add A PowerPoint Presentation Into Your Website

December 3, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Web Development


PowerPoint presentations can be a powerful tool for promoting your business during special events or conferences. Did you know that you can get additional mileage from these presentations by integrating them into your website? In this blog, we will guide you on how to customize your website with PowerPoint presentations.

Add A PowerPoint Presentation Into Your Website

Add A PowerPoint Presentation Into Your Website

Adding PowerPoint presentations can be achieved in four ways:

  1. Uploading and Linking a File
  2. Getting A Widget
  3. Publishing An HTML Web Page
  4. Using Flash

Here, we shall be covering the first three ways. In the next document, we will learn how to add PowerPoint slides to your website using Flash.

So let us start with the first way—uploading and linking a file

    • Uploading and Linking a File

      Just like any file, a PowerPoint presentation can be uploaded from the Web and linked to your site. Visitors will click and download the file for viewing on their computers. Unfortunately, these files will not work if the user only has PowerPoint installed on their computers.

      In order for your customers to be able to download the slideshow and watch it on their computer, your best bet is to convert the PowerPoint presentation into a PDF document or publish a link to a free PowerPoint viewer. When the actual slideshow is integrated into your website, all your visitors will have to do is sit back and enjoy the slides. As a result, your message gets conveyed easily.

    • Getting A Widget

      Without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to share your PowerPoint presentations is by using free services such as Simply upload your PPT, PPS, or PDF files to SlideShare and they will be converted into shared media. Copy the generated code and embed the presentation into your desired page and choose the level of privacy you want for each file.

      With widgets, your viewers can see your presentation in full-screen which can come in handy if you do not want customers to miss out on an important detail. The widget also has a sync feature so you can integrate an uploaded audio file. SlideShare also has a comment and tag feature so you can take full advantage of its social networking feature.

    • Publishing an HTML Web Page

      PowerPoint allows you to save your presentation as an HTML web page. By doing so, you can simply upload the file to your website as a separate page. Each slide is treated as a separate image with its own page so you will be saving and uploading chunks of folders into your server.

      One drawback of saving your slideshow as an HTML web page is that it is only optimized for Internet Explorer. It may not display properly in other sites. A way out of this dilemma is to use free open source software such as OpenOffice Impress. You can also save it in HTML format and it works in a wide range of browsers.

Wrap Up

Adding a PowerPoint presentation can enhance the attractiveness of your website. With these steps, you can easily add slideshows to your website.

For more information on adding PowerPoint presentations or have any suggestion feel free to share with us via comment section…