Ovarian Cancer Stages – The Real Truth

Ovarian Cancer Stages
Ovarian Cancer Stages

Ovarian Cancer Stages – Revealing Truth

There are two ovaries in a woman’s reproductive system. Ovaries are small looking sacs that produce eggs which then flow through the fallopian tubes into the uterus. This flow can be interrupted when a woman gets ovarian cancer. This horrible disease can be detrimental to a woman getting pregnant.

A woman can develop ovarian cancer in one or both of their ovaries. Tumors are classified into different groups depending upon where they are located and how severe the cancer has become. There are four stages of ovarian cancer. A woman who has ovarian cancer can go through many of these ovarian cancer stages in her battle to fight this awful disease.

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Ovarian Cancer Determination

Ovarian cancer stages show how far a cancer can develop. A surgeon will determine what stage of ovarian cancer a woman is in when they go in for a surgical biopsy. They will also be able to find out if one or both ovaries are affected by the cancer. Surgeons take samples of tissues when they are doing a biopsy to classify the stage and to diagnose what kind of tumors they are. These samples will be taken from the pelvis and abdomen area. After the samples are taken, the surgeon will look closely at them under a microscope.

Ovarian Cancer First Stage

In stage one of the ovarian cancer stages, a woman will find out that she has cancer in one or both of her ovaries. She may even find out that cancer has been found outside of her ovaries. In some cases a physician may find that the cancerous tumor has ruptured. They may also find that there are cells of cancer in the tissue of fluids that are in the lining of a woman’s abdomen.

Ovarian Cancer Second Stage

The second stage of a woman’s ovarian cancer stages is a stage where cancer may be found in either ovary. In this second stage the cancer will also be found in a woman’s pelvic region as well. A woman’s ovarian cancer may have moved to her uterus or her fallopian tubes. When cancer gets worse in this stage of cancer, it may grow in her bladder. It can also affect a woman’s bowel movements by forming in her rectum or colon. Just like stage one, ovarian cancer can affect the tissues as well as the fluids of the abdominal cavity.

Ovarian Cancer Third and Fourth Stage

Ovarian cancer will have already spread to one ovary or both ovaries in the third stages of ovarian cancer stages. It will also be spread to opening of the abdomen. Once in the abdomen, cancer can spread to the inside walls. Stage four is considered the worst stage of ovarian cancer. This stage is more severe because the cancer may have spread past the abdomen. The lungs and the liver will be affected by ovarian cancer by this stage.

There are many treatments that are available for women who have ovarian cancer. A physician may decide that chemotherapy or surgery is the best options. Women fight this type of cancer every day and survive to lead fulfilling lives.


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