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Top Hair Specialist Surgeons in USA

Find the top rate best hair transplant & hair restoration surgeon in USA.

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure performed under local anaesthetic with minor sedation, where small, naturally-occurring groups of hairs (follicular units grafts), are taken from the back of the scalp (the area where the hairs have naturally lower levels of DHT) and replanting the graft in the areas of thinning or balding. This surgery can be performed on men and women.

Hair Transplant & Restoration Doctors USA

When it comes to the cost of hair transplant in USA, the cost is generally decided based on the number of grafts, total number of grafts required, techniques used, qualifications of the physician…etc.

Why struggle with your baldness when you have the best techniques for hair transplant in USA? Let us explore some of the top doctors and hair transplant & restoration specialist in USA.

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