Well it maybe or maybe not that time of the year when you are supposed to give a gift, well that appears to be all year round and hardly any month passes.

We don’t have any once birthday anniversary or any other kind of celebration and all the gifts that you will buy for this year would cost you a lot but what if I say that that can cost can be cut up to something cheap and handmade instead of the store what a which will not only the feeling of comfort and love towards the person to whom you’re giving this gift but also it would be a great attraction in your own house so you can make one for yourself and you can make these households gifts for somebody.

In fact, If you want you can start your own business with that. But always remember to add an online flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else, it’s just classy to do so. So these gifts when made at home would cost you around 70 to 100 dollars.

This gift can be used particularly for winter season because it’s the holiday season and you can just make one gift or one gift would serve a for many people so you need to have many pieces ready of that gift let’s check them out.

1. Hand Knitted Blanket

Hand Knitted Blanket

I know when I say hand-knitted blanket you all remember the fact that we all have seen these videos on YouTube in many people doing it so many people can make it you can also and if you are not able to you know start just take some help from your neighbor or somebody good with crafts just for starting at once and then no one to speed up you don’t need any help so to make this blanket all you need is chunky loose yarn.

The huge, chunky, and super comfy. They can be made from a ball of wool called Merino. It’s primarily available in Canada and being an imported product there is a little bit of cost attached to it. And in the market, these readymade blankets cost between 100 to 375 dollars.

But what happens when we start making them by hand you must be thinking that and of course so all you need to do is go to a nearby craft shop and there are two ways to make it and their arm method and floor method.

It is only $90 for you to see the price in the handmade blanket has been reduced and I made it while watching a television show. So it was a television show, a blanket made and a gift ready for any occasion coming further and the best part with these blankets is that you can make them in your free time, store them in your cupboards and just take out one when you have to give it to someone as a gift.

Because I was a beginner in this field it is the first one to be around 4 hours. and obviously, when you are making it at home there are no color restrictions for you can be as color-coded as you want you can also dye color do whatever you wish to just be creative, and don’t forget to add birthday flowers if it’s a birthday gift.

2. Candles


Well we all off candles and there are so many companies out there selling candles like La trouverie, Jo Malone, Nest fragrances, are all in the list and these all candles range from $100 to 300-500 as much as you want to pay for them these are also one of the world’s best candles but what happens when we cannot afford these costlier candles and we want to stick to something cheaper yet a friendly attractive and luxe.

So the point is to add happy birthday flowers alongside these candles because that’s what classic stands for. And if you are giving it as a Christmas gift then you can add aa small hallmark Christmas ornaments, we all know Christmas would be incomplete without it.

So now comes the point that you want to turn these candles into something homemade and cheap. Now what kind of wax are you using, you can source it from a local store or you can buy at a craft shop and that will depend on the price of your candle and of course you can buy a few small glasses if you are making it a glass candle if you are simply keeping it in plastic wraps.

If you’re not into candle business and say that go for simple coconut wax or the normal paraffin available because they are the easiest one to handle and frankly you cannot even recognize which is real beeswax and which is not and if you are a starter you can always go for some $24 to $54 candle making kit which will help you is out and you can buy many at a time. Cheap online flower delivery also available so along with a candle don’t forget to add it.

3. Preserved Roses

Preserved Roses

it was ever since the last couple of years that we all came across the idea of preserving Roses and this preserved roses can be used for a yearlong and they stay fresh all along so to whomsoever you are gifting them it would be an amazing gift because they can keep it is a decoration in their house and it’s just amazing to have something not to buy all over again.

You can always use an alternative of a plant that will give many flowers of rose across the year. But we’re not going with the real trick of storing and preserving flowers at home because we don’t know its whereabouts. But to make flowers last longer like around for 15 to 20 days or to a month at the simplest way to do is use the same way that we just melted for making candles and it should be heated to 120 degrees and then you can get your fresh flowers in it and place them in a container that can be bought online, whatever particular location these flowers do not forget to add cake and flower delivery in Bangalore or any other city.


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