What Causes Hair Loss in Women

What Causes Hair Loss in Women
What Causes Hair Loss in Women

What Causes Hair Loss in Women – 5 Key Factors

Finding out what causes hair loss in women may be a little tricky. There are hundreds of causes for this problem. However, there is still no evidence to show why some women lose hair and others don’t. If you suspect that you are losing more than you think is normal you may want to consider the following things that can hair loss.

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1. What Causes Hair Loss in Women – Stress

Stress can be a large part of the reason you are losing your hair. Many women who are middle aged find that this is a common cause. In this case you will have to change something in your lifestyle to reduce stress. You may need to work less, enjoy more alone time, or simply learn to have fun again. If you suffer from chronic stress and anxiety your doctor may decide you need medication to calm your nerves.

2. What Causes Hair Loss in Women – Medications

What causes hair loss in women could also be explained from a medication perspective. Some medications have severe side effects including hair loss. Your doctor will have to evaluate whether the medicine you are taking is more important than the hair loss. For example, if you are taking heart medication to prevent a heart attack you probably shouldn’t stop it to prevent hair loss. In some cases your doctor might be able to change your prescription to something else that works for your problem and doesn’t cause hair loss. This is especially true if you are taking something like an allergy medication.

3. What Causes Hair Loss in Women – Diet

Man doctors believe that diet has a part to play in healthy hair. If you don’t feed your body correctly your hair can’t grow properly. Eat a diet balanced in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You should also avoid foods that are high in fats or salts. These foods are known to cause blood disorders which may affect hair growth. Hair needs proper nutrition in order to grow and not fall out.

4. What Causes Hair Loss in Women – Hormones

Women who are going through menopause may experience hair loss due to an imbalance in hormones. There are certain hormones in the body that must not be too high or too low in order for hair to be health and vibrant. In this instance a doctor may be able to help you adjust your levels with medication. In this case it may be possible to stop or prevent hair loss from occurring.

5. What Causes Hair Loss in Women – Diseases

Man diseases can affect the way your hair grows. Thyroid disorders, psoriasis, polycystic ovary syndrome, pregnancy, and anemia can all affect the way your hair grows. Treating these conditions will vary. In some cases the proper treatment can reverse or stop hair loss. However, in some cases there is no way to stop your hair from falling out.

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When trying to find what causes hair loss in women you will see that there are literally hundreds of reasons. If you find that our hair is falling out at an excessive rate you should contact your doctor immediately. There may be a treatment that can stop your hair from falling out and prevent further fallout. Don’t wait until it too late to fix the problem.


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