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VillageCare Rehabilitation

VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
About Us

VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center. Designed not as an end-point facility, but rather a place where patients receive rehabilitation and recovery care to prepare them to return home, this modern center promotes efficient and effective delivery of rehabilitation services, respecting individual privacy and dignity.

About VillageCare Rehabilitation

VillageCare Rehabilitation is a community-based, not-for-profit organization serving people with chronic care needs, as well as seniors and individuals in need of continuing care and rehabilitation services.

Our mission is to promote healing, better health and well-being to the fullest extent possible. Our care is offered through a comprehensive array of community and residential programs, as well as managed care. VillageCare has provided health care services to individuals residing within New York City for over 40 years.

VillageCare Rehabilitation Services

VillageCare is a pioneering and innovative continuing care organization that offers post-acute care, community services and managed care options to people living in New York City. We strive to understand the current state of need of those we serve and pursue appropriate responses.

Recognizing and supporting self-directed, interactive care enables the people we serve to control aspects of their own care and help them to maintain their independence.

For over 40 years, we have continually reached out to hard-to-serve, vulnerable and marginalized populations who may not have had adequate access to quality health care and rehabilitative services.

Fellow, Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery | July 1998 – June 1999 | Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital | Ophthalmology Resident | July 1995 – June 1998 | The Cambridge Hospital Intern | July 1995 – June 1998

Serving New York City for Over 40 Years

VillageCare began in 1977 as a project by community volunteers to rescue and reorganize a for-profit nursing home slated for closure. It has become a much larger organization that provides post-acute care, community-based services and managed long-term care. As a result of this history, VillageCare has become a valued resource for the people we serve, their caregivers and other provider organizations with which we partner.

VillageCare staff have extensive knowledge and experience in offering and coordinating care services that are recognized for high quality, as well as excellent outcomes and exceptional customer satisfaction by, among others, the New York State Department of Health and the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). These programs include VillageCare Rehabilitation and Nursing Center and community-based services such as an Adult Day Health Care program, VillageCare at 46 and Ten Medicaid Assisted Living Program, and an Adult Protective Services contract with the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA).

In addition, VillageCareMAX offers a Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care Plan (MLTC), as well as two plans for individuals that are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

VillageCare Rehabilitation Redefining Wellness

“Redefining Wellness” refers to our commitment and constant focus on an innovative and steadfast response to the continuing care needs of New Yorkers. For over 40 years, VillageCare has remained at the forefront of New York City’s health and wellness initiatives. Serving thousands of individuals each year, we are motivated by their ever-changing needs. Through award-winning services, as well as innovative partnerships, we strive consistently to enhance and better the services that we provide. As the health care landscape in New York continues to evolve, we reaffirm two organizational commitments to remain a viable partner and provider for years to come:

  • VALUE– We constantly seek the most value in our programs and services by improving health and wellness in the most cost-effective means available.
  • QUALITY– To achieve the optimal health and well-being for our clients, we adhere to higher standards in clinical care and client satisfaction.
  • Languages : English
  • For-profit or non-profit? : For Profit
  • Size : 10+
  • Average length of stay : 30 Min +
  • Psychotherapy
  • Rehabilitation