Makita Air Compressors
Makita Air Compressors

Makita air compressors, a significant part of Makita, which for the past 90 years has been a leader in latest motor innovation and in developing power tools. Checkout Makita Air Compressors Reviews by experts.

Makita Air Compressors Reviews

Makita started off as a manufacturer of electric goods and it has now expanded to accommodate seven global manufacturing facilities that produce over 350 specialty innovative tools.

Makita Air Compressors Reviews – A powerful combination of highest quality of raw materials, rigorous testing, sustainable motor components and innovative designing has made Makita one of the best in the world.

Makita Air Compressors Rating

Air Compressors Rating – It therefore comes as no surprise that Makita air compressor and power tools are a must for those who understand the essence of arming their workshop with pneumatic tools.

Different type of Makita air compressors

But before you get down to deciding which Makita air compressor you should buy, you first need to know which type of air compressor will be just right for you.

Reciprocating compressors – This is the most common and popular type of air compressor and can be found in a range of capacities. It functions by thrusting air into an air chamber and then reducing its volume. You can take your pick from either a singe-stage compressor or a two-stage compressor.

While the former has one piston to compress the air and is usually used for automotive applications and lightweight jobs the second one comes with two pistons, which compresses that much more and even distributes air.

Makita Air Compressors Reviews

Makita Air Compressors Rating

This high-pressure compressor generates that much power, and is ideal heavy-duty tool for commercial or industrial purposes.

Rotary Screw Compressors – Again a commonly used compressor, this comes as an oil compressor as well as an oil free compressor. You can either opt for a single stage rotary screw oil compressor or a double stage rotary screw oil compressor. It works on the principal of air being compressed by two internal rotors within a casing.

There are no valves and the internal units are oil cooled. In case of oil free, the compressor uses air ends to compress air and the internal units are either air-cooled or water-cooled. These air compressors are used as industrial compressors.

Centrifugal Compressors – This kind of a compressor is a dynamic compressor and its principal is based on energy being transferred from a rotating impeller to the air.

These compressors rotate at higher speeds than other type of compressors and are ideal used as industrial compressors in oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants.

Which Makita air compressor is right for you?

Makita air compressors are not only easy to use but they are also powerful and economical as well. Here is a list of some of their most popular models:

MAC 2400 This cast iron pump with Big Bore ™ cylinder and piston delivers maximum performance at considerably low noise levels. The oil lubricated pump minimizes wear while the low Amp Draw reduces incidence of voltage drop.

MAC 5200 – This portable air compressor consists of a durable cast iron cylinder that reduces wear and increases pump life. The industrial air filter is designed in a manner to facilitate a high density of air intake and improved efficiency. The folding handle and built in storage compartment allows for easy storage while the oil lubricated pump reduces the chance of wear and tear.

MAC 700 – This low noise, low AMP draw and high output air compressor delivers maximum performance. The roll bar handle facilitates portability and additional protection while the oil sight glass allows for easy and efficient maintenance.

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