Top 100 Chemical Companies US
Top 100 Chemical Companies US

The Chemical manufacturing industry has grown rapidly within few years. Here We have listed World’s largest chemical companies from USA.

There are chemicals in almost everything we use- from drinking water, soaps and cosmetics we use to food items, mobile phone, computers and also paper products. This highlights the importance of chemicals in our daily lives.

American chemical companies manufacturing a variety of products- from laboratory reagents to industrial chemicals, food preservatives, petrochemicals and bio-chemicals to name a few. These are used in myriad industries of the country.

In this Top 100 Largest Chemical Producers USA list, This list is purely indicative and not based on branding, oremium listing on our USA business directory, financial performance, the market popularity of any other parameters. The list of US chemical companies is for information and educational purposes only.

100+ World’s Largest Chemical Companies from USA

  1. Everchem Specialty Chemicals –
  2. The Chemical Company –
  3. BASF Corporation U.S.A –
  4. Dow Delivers Solutions –
  5. ANGUS Chemical Company –
  6. Mays Chemical Company –
  7. Cayman Chemical –
  8. Solvay Group USA –
  9. Pressure Chemical Company –
  10. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc –
  11. U.S. Chemicals Supplies –
  12. Eastman –
  13. Pilot Chemical Company –
  14. Sumitomo Chemical USA –
  15. Shepherd Chemical Company –
  16. Albemarle Corporation –
  17. Charkit Chemical Company –
  18. Jost Chemical Co. –
  19. Hitachi Chemical Co. –
  20. Miles Chemical –
  21. Dixie Chemical Company, Inc –
  22. Exxon Mobil Corporation –
  23. Ricca Chemical Company –
  24. Cornerstone Chemical Company –
  25. WeylChem International GmbH –
  26. Chemical Industries Co. Ltd. –
  27. Otsuka Chemical Co.,Ltd –
  28. Austin Chemical Company, Inc –
  29. DuPont Oval Logo –
  30. FutureFfuel Corporation –
  31. INEOS –
  32. Westlake Chemical Corporation –


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