Alzheimer’s Stages – What to Expect?

Alzheimer’s Stages – What to Expect?
Alzheimer’s Stages – What to Expect?

Alzheimer’s Stages – What to Know About Various Different Stages

Alzheimer is a form of dementia. It is actually a very common type of this disease. Symptoms of this disease usually get worse with time. Daily tasks become hard to do for a person who has Alzheimer disease. Changes take place in the brain of people who have Alzheimer s. Their cells are no longer working like they should. This disease deals with a person’s neurological process. A person who has Alzheimer loses their ability to think right. Persons with this disease eventually will lose their independence because they think that they are living in the past. There are several Alzheimer’s stages of this debilitating disease.

Alzheimer’s Stages One – Memory Loss

A person who is suffering from some form of memory loss will usually go to their physician to find out what is wrong with them. Their physician will ask all kinds of question and run certain tests to determine whether the patient has Alzheimer disease or not. People who develop this disease show symptoms of memory loss in the first Alzheimer’s stages. They may find that they can not find where they put something or they can not remember to keep their appointments.

Alzheimer’s Stages Two – Indecisiveness

The second stage of Alzheimer’s stages involves a person not being able to make the right decisions. A person with Alzheimer does not realize that they are being very indecisive. They may not be able to figure out what to do about the simplest of things such as what to eat for dinner. This indecisiveness could flow over into their family life and they may not be able to make decisions on family events. Indecision can affect every aspect of a person’s life that has Alzheimer disease. It not only affects the person who has the disease but their family and friends as well.

Alzheimer’s Stages Three – Motor Skills

In stage three of Alzheimer’s stages, a person will tend to have decreased motor skills. These individuals may start to be unsteady on their feet. They may find that they are dropping things more often. Running into objects is also a symptom of this stage of Alzheimer disease. A person may find that they can not walk through their home without running into a table or other object. Alzheimer patients eventually find it more difficult to grasp things such as door knob. If they are cooking in their kitchen, they may be having trouble using their cooking utensils or stove, as well.

Final Stages – Speech and Recognition

The final Alzheimer’s stages are very sad for both the person who is afflicted and their family. In this stage the patient may not be able to get their words out like they want to. They usually can not carry on a clear and concise conversation with anyone. The problem may be that they can not stay on the topic of conversation. Another symptom of this final stage is not being able to recognize family and friends. A person with this disease will also have trouble recognizing places where they have been numerous times.

Alzheimer’s disease is a very emotional disease for the person with the disease, their family, and their friends.


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