Top 100+ Social Media Sites List
Top 100+ Social Media Sites List

How Social Media Sites Can Help You

Are you getting low website visitors? or low customer conversion sales rate? Social media sites are one of the useful sources to get quality website visitors which can easily convert to the permanent customers. Social media sites can increase website business branding, domain authority, page authority and Website ranking.

Social media for Keywords Ranking
If you get visitors from the social media and the surf your website. Then Search engine counts the website session, pageviews, bounce rate and many more these all parameters are very important for calculating search result SERP. Which 110% impact positively on

Utilize Top Social Media Sites For Marketing

With the little effort, you can boost your business by the use of social media platforms. These social media sites have huge traffic you can point them to the website. There are many ways you can explore your business on social media marketing sites.

There’s no longer any doubt about social media is a necessary marketing tool for any business that wants to remain relevant & visible in today’s busy online world. In fact, 92% of marketers say that social media has helped increase exposure, which means that if you aren’t using social media sites to its fullest, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Let’s check out the top social media websites.

100+ Social Media Sites List 2018

What Marketing Expert Says About Social Media Sites

Social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world.
– Neil Patel

Social networks, I know it doesn’t seem this way, but social networks come and go in popularity, and they change the way that they work. So investing very heavily in Facebook six or seven years ago might have made a ton of sense for a business. Today, a lot of those investments have been shown to have very little impact, because instead of reaching 20 or 30 out of 100 of your followers, you’re reaching 1 or 2. So you’ve lost an order of magnitude of reach on there. The same thing has been true generally on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and on Instagram. So I really urge you to tilt slightly to your own site.
– Rand Fishkin

The world is moving faster than ever before. New trends and technology seem to appear overnight, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace. So, you get the temptation to jump on the social media bandwagon without a clear picture in mind of what you want to achieve.
– Jeff Bullas

Top Social Media Sites Lists Could Help Win Top Page Ranking

These list of top social media marketing website help you to get #1 page ranking on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. You just need to keep in mind It’s not a short-term process you need to create a weekly or monthly strategy to get quality traffic to your website for a long time. Write viral blogs and articles, publish infographics, write books or publish list and tips related to service or products and share them on social media groups, communities and friends.

Your Turn

Have any suggestion? Did we miss any famous social media sites to this list? If yes then feel free to share with us via below comment section or fill up the contact form. We are updating these social media links on monthly basis also you can share your thoughts and experience via this blog.

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