Rich Partners Review
Rich Partners Review

RichPush Offering push notification advertising network made for marketers, affiliates, and agencies. Their CPC starts at$0.003, Which saw the advertisers will get fake or bot traffic Because any genuine publisher network will not work for this type of lowest CPC. RichPush claims that they have 100% Ad visibility and human traffic but sadly as below you can see they don’t have a properly developed network that serves proper Push Ads, Native Ads and check whether traffic is real or not.

RichPartners Bad Sides

  • Traffic – RichPartners didn’t provide any traffic to my website you can see that they badly failed to provide ads impression and revenue.
  • Support – They don’t have well-managed support team, The live chat is only for the showcase, When you have any problem, They will never reply on the live chat even the team members appear online and the email support will make silly excuses like the agent who handles your query is on long holiday 🙂 or They will get investigate the issue and contact you ASAP. But they will never resolve an issue or they will ignore emails. RichPush and RichPartners didn’t provide any support ticket or ID so that it’s hard to manage issues.
  • Global coverage – No they don’t have sufficient advertisers as well as quality publishers so forget about global coverage, Specially their CPC start at $0.003. That’s why they will fail to provide genuine revenue to publishers.
  • Payments – The system is not properly developed as you can see in the below Telegram Support team screenshot. So if you run ads campaign they will deduct money randomly, Same as they will not saw/pay and revenue in the report section, The advertiser and publishers network is completely failed.

RichPartners Telegram Support Proof

RichPartners & RichPush is Scam company !!

RichPartners is one of the worst Advertisers and publishers networks I ever saw!

I monetize my website but they didn’t provide any ads, I waited for more than 1 week, Then their agent Natallia inform that they have a big technical issue and they need some time to fix it, Then she told me you must wait for a few days, Now I have waited for more than 3 weeks, but no response from Natallia (Rich Partners).

Now RichPartners shamelessly told me to use a different network!!

For full detailed description, I published RechPartners scam video on Youtube with proof or You can see it for more details just search “RichPush review Scam”.

Be Aware of RichPush & RichPartners are scam companies. You can also share your experience and thoughts via the below comment section, If you scammed by RichPush or

RichPartners then feel free to contact us. We will publish all things with proof on this on this post.


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