Top 10 Mobile Game Engines Development Platforms Tools
Top 10 Mobile Game Engines Development Platforms Tools

IOS, Windows, Android 2D Game Developments, or 3D game development are some buzz words in the mobile gaming world. Be it creating a 2D game or 3D game the process has a certain appeal to it. This is the reason why the game industry is continually getting such huge support from enthusiastic game developers (apart from the gamers themselves) specialized with different platforms and game development tools. But it’s important for these developers to update themselves with tech or tools for game development that might be in demand in the upcoming years and so taking that thing into consideration.

Top 10 Mobile Game Development Platforms & Engines

Here We bring to you a list of the top 10 Mobile Game Engines / Development Platforms & Tools that you must watch out for in 2020 and beyond.

1. Unity Game Engine

You have probably heard of a unity game engine before if you have done even a little bit of game development. There is a lot of speculation stating that this is the most popular gaming engine around. But Why?

Well, the first reason is the community and the support it has. This is probably the game engine that has most tutorials, documentation, or open-source resources for easily learning this game engine. So a beginner looking to try out this game engine won’t have any struggle in finding a tutorial/book/documentation through which they can learn how to create games using a unity game engine.

Another major reason why it is so popular is because of the programming language it uses : C sharp which is a widely known programming developed by Microsoft that runs on dot net framework and used for many tasks such as web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, and obviously creating games and much more. You can write the logic for various components in the game using C sharp such as defining the logic of how an object is going to move and interact with your game and so forth. C sharp is an amazing programming language and if you want to join the gaming industry you must learn how to code in C sharp.

The third and last most important reason for unity being so popular is due to its cross-platform development capabilities. By cross-platform, we mean that you can develop games for mobile, desktop, and web just by learning a single platform. Apart from these games developed using unity are very responsive and fast as they are developed using C sharp which is a language that is very performance-optimized.

2. Unreal Engine

Well, this platform is older than the internet itself. So probably the very first games you played on your computer or your compact or your console might have been developed using the Unreal engine. Well in comparison to unity this game development platform uses C plus plus instead of C sharp, which is way faster than C sharp when it comes to performance in video games. But it’s also a harder language to learn because it is an object-oriented programming language like C sharp is but there are a few differences between them.

Now apart from faster performance, you get incredible graphics with unreal engines, for which unreal engine is famous for. You can create hyper-realistic scenes that look like they are from the future, or movies or simply very high in FX. This game development platform is more oriented or more flexible towards 3D than it is to 2D games. Some amazing games you might have heard of are created using Unreal Engine like the well known multiplayer game fortnight.

3. Godot

This is a recent gaming engine that has taken up the market with a storm. Started as a small group project between friends suddenly developed into something big. This platform also uses C sharp with GD scripts or Godot script.

4. Corona SDK

It is a cross-platform game development platform that uses the Lua scripting language. This platform is fairly easy to learn as Lua scripting is an easy language to learn also due to its intuitive GUI.

5. SpriteKit

This is a game development platform developed by Apple for creating its own 2D games for IOS. It uses Swift, the official’s ios app development language and Objective C. So learning it might be a hassle but it is an amazing platform as far as 2D game development goes.

6. Marmalade SDK

This game development platform uses C ++ for game development and allows the developers to create native games for mobile and desktop. It is a very famous game development platform and many well-known games like plant vs zombies 2, Cut the Rope, NFS: Shift are developed using marmalade SDK.

7. Build-Box

The best thing about this platform is that you can create games in a very short amount of time and very easily at that. You don’t have to code, create objects, etc, so if you are familiar with how different tech works this is the perfect platform for you.

8. App Game Kit

This is a great platform for new beginners as it’s a great way of getting into game development and keeps using the same platform for complex game development as it’s suited for both. It utilizes C++ for back-end logic and is a cross-platform development tool.

9. Construct 2

This one is an HTML 5 based game development tool used for creating 2D games. It is quite easy to use as there is almost no coding involved.

10. Fusion

If you are thinking of creating an even based game for Android, windows or ios then this is the perfect platform for you. Fusion has a very intuitive and easy to use interface that would help you create event-based 2D games.


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