6 Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins Free & Paid
6 Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins Free & Paid

If you are thinking of starting your own online store, then you will definitely be looking for the best inventory management plugs.

So you do not have to worry much because there are many software tools here, with the help of which you can easily manage your WooCommerce inventory.

Inventory management is a very hard job because in this you have to record the data of each product that the product was taken from where you sold it and all such information with the help of inventory management tool you can grow your store.

5 Best Inventory Management Plugins for WooCommerce?

Here are 5 best WordPress plugins tool for WooCommerce Inventory Management:

1. WooCommerce Plugin

The WooCommerce Plugin can be downloaded from WordPress dashboard. Click on the ‘Add New’ button on the left side list on the dashboard. Browse WooCommerce in the list after clicking on Add New button, once found, click on ‘Install’ button. Post Installation, activate the plugin.

After successfully completing all the three things, you will see an Installation wizard on your WordPress dashboard. Click on ‘Let’s Go’ button to setup WooCommerce plugin.

The Set Up will be fixed in five primary steps which are:

Page SetUp >> Store Locale >> Shipping and Tax >> Payments >> Ready

While fixing page setup, you have to create all mandatory pages like product’s description, features’ page, shopping cart, checkout page, etc. You basically have to click on ‘Continue’ and it will automatically create all the pages.

Advantages of WooCommerce Plugin

  • Extensions and Themes – Large collection of themes means you have tons of options when choosing your site’s design and layout.
  • Supports Both Physical & Digital Goods – With WooCommerce, you can sell physical as well as digital file downloads (such as movies, ebooks, paper, music, software, and more).
  • Complete Inventory Management – WooCommerce plugin comes equipped with tools to easily manage your inventory or even assign it to any store manager.
  • Support & Documentation – There is excellent documentation available on the internet for WooCommerce. Apart from the documentation guide, there is a knowledge base, help desk, and community forums support available for free.

2. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is a Singapore based software programming association that makes online inventory management and sales the overseers programming focused at SMEs. The  TradeGecko software company is viewed as one of the most creative business-to-business programming suppliers in Asia.

There’s a 14-day free trial available.

Trade Gecko WooCommerce WordPress plugins tool boost your store or improve your online store capabilities. You can control your stock in numerous areas, oversee deals and buy arranges and robotize putting in a rain check. You can likewise make a custom space for a private online discount store for your merchants. Trade Gecko offers a portable application for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch that lets you deal with your items and requests from any place. it’s allowed to all Trade Gecko clients. The item additionally coordinates with numerous applications, for example, QuickBooks has an investigation stage to screen what’s selling, who’s selling it on what channels just as to make custom reports. 

Advantages of TradeGecko

  • Easy Stock control – View your whole thing stock and sort out them utilizing channels. Screen open stock, deals demands, zones, and so forth.
  • Stockroom stock association – Satisfactorily move stock to start with one scattering place then onto the accompanying. The turn of events and revocation of stock are regulated ordinarily.
  • Stock streamlining – You get an interest check concerning your stock – what stock you ought to have around by then.
  • Bookkeeping bargain – You can make deals from requesting, purchase and sell in different monetary standards, and so on. 

3. WooCommerce Stock Manager- Free & Popular Plugin

WooCommerce Stock Manager is a free and most notable WooCommerce stock organization module. It gives you a singular screen to manage all your things stock and their elements. It awards you to administer stock, set stock status, set concede purchases, set stock, set worth, set plan cost and set weight for everything and combination.

With WooCommerce Stock Manager WordPress plugin, it is possible export all stock data from your shop, edit them and import back with csv file. (This feature needs refactoring, so use this only on your own risk).

Advantages of WooCommerce Stock Manager

  • Stock organization  – View your entire thing record at one go. You can define various limits for each thing and their assortments – esteem, weight, stock, etc. Show ‘In stock’. ‘Inaccessible’, ‘On defer buy’ for things. 
  • Item Filter – You can filter product by type, class, stock administer or stock status. You can moreover sort things by name or SKU. 
  • Import/Export – With module is possible admission each stock datum from your e-shop, change them and import back with CSV record.

4. Orderhive

Orderhive Inventory Management

Orderhive Multichannel Inventory Control & Shopping Software is a SaaS-based stock manager WordPress plugin for multi-channel online sellers store. It offers a stockroom management feature in which you can handle multiple stocks. It additionally offers a free 15 days trial.

Orderhive powers 5500+ eCommerce companies across the globe. And with these superheroes wearing Orderhive as a cape, we have become more responsible, and feature-loaded.

Orderhive helps to track and manage your inventory in real-time across multiple channels for your fast growing brands with Orderhive and widen your eCommerce reach.

Advantages of Orderhive

  • Simple Product Management – Get a simple or easy dashboard to control many SKUs, various stores. 
  • Complete Product Catalogs – Make and manage basic, variable and packaged products. Import and export inventory data, make and print product barcode, manage stock based on location.
  • To-the-point stock recognizable quality – Track where your product is, what’s been given to whom and what is required to show up. All consistently and genuine numbers. 

5. WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

Rapid Stock Manager manage stock effectively even for multiple Warehouses and record stock audit

Rapid stock manager allows to update your e-Commerce website stock inventory and variants sizes very quickly, displaying everything within one screen.

Automatically updating without reloading the page, so your stock inventory gets updated automatically. Friendly interface to allow you to access and update your stock with ease. Adjust your stock for any of the products (including variants), so your current stock is adjusted without effecting the inventory even if the users are purchasing the item and going through checkout already (Adjust function).

Advantages of WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager

Group update – You can update single product as well as many products from a single place 

Stock report – View your whole item inventory from a single screen – the sum of items in your stock.

Various stockroom the management – Add various stockroom and transfer and manage stock to your main inventory store.

6. Smart Manager Plugin

Smart Manager is an extraordinary and mainstream WooCommerce inventory management plugins from Store Apps. It enables you to effectively oversee items, clients, and requests. It has given advancement results to WooCommerce storekeepers.  

Smart Manager Plugin is the best WooCommerce stock & inventory management plugin. Bulk edit and manage products, prices, orders, coupons, admin columns, or any WordPress post type using spreadsheet-like table editor.

Advantages of Smart Manager Plugin

  • Update – Utilizing this tool, you can refresh 1000s of items, varieties, orders, coupons, posts, appointments, memberships, or your whole store in seconds with no problem. It very well may be expansion, refreshing, or erasure. You can likewise mass update any WordPress custom post type. 
  • Programmed counts – This device encourages you to deal with all the computations from a similar dashboard without accomplishing for singular items. Simply enter the sort of figuring you need to do and it’s finished. 
  • Inline alter – You can peruse, search, include, refresh, and erase numerous items and varieties, clients, or requests utilizing a natural, single page, spreadsheet-like interface. 
  • Snappier route – Perusing and sifting with Smart Manager is amazingly responsive. You likewise observe 100 things on the double. Route catches are rearranged and you can bounce to a page without any problem. 
  • Straightforward and propelled search – Get your ideal thing instantly among a thousand utilizing And it lets you see subtleties in a drifting board. 


Use the best WooCommerce inventory Management WordPress plugin and boost your online eCommerce business. 

Inventory management is the first step of any online store business. To easily manage this need of business owners, many software companies are trying to create the best inventory management tool. In this blog, we have talked about the top 6 WooCommerce inventory management WordPress plugins and shared some points about the benefits of inventory management plugins. I hope these inventory management details will prove beneficial for you and in the future, you will be able to bring your online store to the top best store.


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